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229 Kids Consignment Sale

The 229 Kids Consignment Sale, a semi-annual pop-up event in Moultrie, Georgia, approached SAYJAYstudio with the goal of transforming their brand from homemade to professional. They needed a polished look that would stand out in a crowded market and effectively communicate their value. We were excited to help elevate their event with a range of services including brand development and design, content and copywriting, a comprehensive consignors guide, engaging social media content, event photography, and promotional materials like custom t-shirts and stickers. Together, we crafted a cohesive and engaging brand that truly represents the essence of 229 Kids Consignment Sale.

Brand Development & Design

We took their existing ideas and crafted a cohesive brand identity that felt polished and professional. Our team ensured that their new look was not only visually appealing but also reflected the warmth and community spirit of the 229 Kids Consignment Sale.

Event Photography

Attended the event and captured its vibrant atmosphere. These images were shared on social media in real-time, including engaging stories and live updates. This not only showcased the excitement of the sale but also kept the community connected and informed.

Custom Content & Copywriting 

Created a comprehensive Consignors Guide, emailed to all consignors, which included important dates, essential information, and frequently asked questions. In addition, we managed all social media postings, keeping their audience engaged and informed.

Promotional Materials

We designed custom t-shirts and promotional stickers that not only served as marketing tools but also helped to create a sense of community and brand recognition. These materials were a hit among consignors and shoppers alike, adding a professional touch to the event.

Seeing is Believing

Image by Alejo Reinoso

Brand Consistency Matters

In just 14 days of showing up regularly on social media, 229 Kids Consignment Sale achieved remarkable results: 14 new contacts from people interested in participating, 22 new Facebook likes (a 215% increase), and 2 out of 10 new registered consignees who have never participated before. This proves that consistently engaging your audience is essential for growing your organic reach and driving real results.
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