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Driving Community Engagement

Case Study for the Junior League of the Golden Isles

In the heart of the Golden Isles, the Junior League stands as a beacon of community service and philanthropy, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those it serves. Tasked with revitalizing the marketing efforts for their annual Dueling Piano event, the Junior League sought the expertise of SAYJAYstudio to amplify their outreach and drive engagement. With a strategic focus on organic social media marketing, we embarked on a mission to enhance event visibility, boost attendance, and foster meaningful connections within the local community. This case study delves into the collaborative journey between us and the Junior League, highlighting the transformative impact of social media on event promotion and community engagement.

Objectives: Facing challenges with event marketing and attendance, the Junior League sought to revitalize their marketing efforts for the Dueling Piano event. With a limited marketing budget and a need to rapidly disseminate event information to the local community, the objectives were clear:

  1. Increase event attendance and ticket sales.

  2. Fulfill marketing obligations to event sponsors.

  3. Boost community engagement and awareness of the event.

How I Helped: To achieve the objectives, we implemented a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to the unique needs of the Junior League:

  • Platforms Used: Facebook and Instagram were selected as primary platforms due to their wide reach and engagement capabilities.

  • Content Types: A variety of content was created and shared, including event promotion posts, sponsor highlights featuring participating businesses, auction item showcases to generate excitement, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to engage the audience.

  • Posting Frequency: Daily posts were scheduled leading up to the event, ensuring a consistent presence and keeping the audience informed and engaged.

  • Tactics Employed: Organic reach was maximized through compelling storytelling, visually appealing content, and strategic tagging of community partners and sponsors to amplify the reach. Emphasis was placed on building anticipation, fostering community connections, and driving ticket sales through targeted messaging.

The Results: The social media campaign yielded impressive results, exceeding expectations and achieving the following success metrics:

  • Increased Reach: The campaign reached a total of 4,607 individuals, marking an impressive 923.8% increase in reach compared to previous efforts.

  • Engagement Growth: With a focus on organic engagement, the campaign garnered 4,250 organic impressions, contributing to an 844.4% increase in organic reach.

  • Audience Expansion: The campaign attracted new followers to the Junior League's Facebook and Instagram profiles, expanding the organization's online community and fostering long-term connections.

  • Brand Awareness: The campaign drove 557 visits to the Junior League's Facebook page and 94 profile visits on Instagram, generating brand awareness and increasing visibility within the community.

Lessons Learned:

Consistent Marketing Works: Maintaining a consistent presence on social media is key to building anticipation and driving engagement for events.

Tagging Community Partners: Tagging local businesses and community partners in posts enhances visibility and extends the reach of the campaign.

Organic Marketing Can Drive Results: Despite limited resources, organic marketing tactics proved effective in jumpstarting the campaign and generating significant engagement and attendance.

Key Takeaways: Through strategic social media marketing efforts, SAYJAYstudio successfully helped the Junior League of the Golden Isles achieve their objectives for the Dueling Piano event. By leveraging storytelling, community engagement, and organic reach, the campaign not only drove event attendance but also strengthened the organization's presence within the local community. As a result, the Junior League was able to make a meaningful impact and further its mission of serving and enriching the Golden Isles community.

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