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Oh! Oh! What luck!

We're glad you found our duck.

We're delighted that you stumbled upon our delightful rubber duckies during your memorable Carnival Cruise. It's always a joy to connect with fellow adventurers. While our cruise may have come to an end, the journey continues! Let's stay connected and share in life's marvelous moments. Follow along as we embark on new creative endeavors, weave stories of inspiration, and celebrate beauty. Join our community and be part of our joyful exploration, because life's adventures are best when shared with friends like you. Let's keep the spirit of discovery alive and enjoy the voyage together.

Meet Sarah & Scottie!

 Lake Harding, Georgia

Hey there! We're Sarah and Scottie, an adventurous couple with a deep love for Georgia Southern football, kayaking, and the joy of family life. When we're not cheering on our Eagles or gliding on the Georgia lake waters on our kayaks, you can bet we're living it up on a cruise ship. You'll find us lounging on the deck, soaking up the sun, or trying our luck in the casino. So join us as we navigate through laughter, love, and thrilling adventures, because life is too short not to cruise through it with joy!

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Get to know us!

Hail Southern!

Georgia Southern University grads & avid football fans. Join us for a game anytime, friends are always welcome at our tailgate. 

Life on the Edge

We might live life a little on the edge. We had a baby, got married, and evacuated a Cat 4 hurricane all during a Labor Day weekend in 2018. 

Water Wings

We love the water. We lived on the Georgia coast for 10 years and now on the lake, and you can't keep us off a cruise. Ahoy!


Our Cruises

Carnival - Liberty

June 27 -July 1, 2022

Carnival - Mardi Gras

July 22 - 29, 2023

Carnival - Liberty

April 5 - 8, 2024

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